Discover the future of real estate. caters to buyers and sellers who seek a more transparent and cost-effective real estate solution., one of Canada’s celebrated PropTech pioneers, is expanding their commission free real estate platform and marketplace internationally through franchising.

The company, best known for it’s Commission Free  private sale approach which rivals traditional brokerage models. We allow buyers and sellers the opportunity to connect directly without the high cost of a middleman.’s approach gives it’s users the opportunity to transact for 10x less than they’d otherwise pay while using a traditional agent. Our marketplace, which hosts the ProSeries (MortgagePro®, BuyerPro®, OfferPro®, LegalPro®, TitlePro®, ContactPro®, ExposurePro®, ShowPro®) allows users to select as much or as little help, support and expert guidance they need to transact safely and effectively over their platform.

Meet the participating delegate

Walter Melanson

Co-Founder and Director of Partnerships 

We’re at Money 2020 to form strategic relationships with capital partners who have the scale and expertise to help us exploit opportunities within the i-buyer arena.
More specifically we’re looking to access a credit facility which would be backed by the residential real estate that we intend to purchase within some of the key markets that we serve. Once purchased we’ll sell these properties over our platform.