Interactive Predictive Property Assessment Models 

We provide the tools to visualize what influences the value of properties.

With a simple visual interface, both analysts and bankers can quickly gain an understanding how changes within any area could impact real estate property portfolios. 

Black Arcs provide interactive predictive models of cities to support local government, analysts, and real estate developers to visualize and assess the economic and social impacts of potential municipal developments. Examples include but are not limited to residents’ quality of life, needed parking, GHG emissions and changes to transit.

Citisketch provides powerful predictive models of cities in an engaging and interactive format. It is used to sketch changes to infrastructure or amenities, providing a visualization of the wholistic impacts ranging from economics to greenhouse gas emissions. Our target buyers are local government, real estate developers and analysts. We integrate several separate models, from different disciplines, to provide a wholistic perspective on development projects.

Our strikingly unorthodox interface lets bankers with hands-on domain expertise better understand risk and integrate with internal analysts who focus on AI and big data.

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