Sheldon Brow

Sheldon Brow

Founder & CEO

Vitali Charapovich

Vitali Charapovich

CPO & Co-Founder

Your Day-to-Day Financial Guidance

Finance is easy when using cutting edge technologies

Pocket Finance solves problems for both financial advisors and end-users by helping them reduce time spent in data collection, allowing them more time for lead generation, data analysis and financial planning. They also make it easier for the end-user to navigate through the banking process.

Milestones for Launch:

  • Complete Full internal Security Compliance
  • Complete third-party security audits
  • ISO 270001 + SOC2
  • MVP Development Alpha Testing to be completed by late-mid may
  • MVP Launched Pilot Testing started June/July this year with founding customers
  • Hire local full Time IT/Development Staff
  • Hire part-time marketing and customer support staff
  • Completed Series A funding

Future plans:

  • Development of proprietary Financial IQ and education hub
  • Pursue deposit accounts through People’s Trust and soon after that a branded Visa Debit card
  • Continue to build out integrations with key eco-system partners such as financial planning software to increase utility
  • Roll out premium paid subscription as an upgrade option for freemium consumers
  • Complete development of white labelling option for B2B enterprise customers

 Halifax/Toronto, CA