Sync Your Online & Physical Stores.

Their POS is a cloud-based system, and fully compatible with Mobile Devices through any browser. With their responsive WooCommerce POS system, you can complete checkouts from anywhere all while fully connected to your WooCommerce store. 

Oliver POS supports a customer base looking to simplify their point-of-sale system by integrating online and in-store sales. Their company allows businesses to merge their in-store and online shops with their sales system, inventory, and customer information.

Meet the participating delegate

Mathias K. Nielsen

Founder and CEO

In 2020, Oliver POS was taking on about 10 new clients a week with their point-of-sale system when the company was just a year old. Now, after attracting millions of dollars through angel investment and reaching new markets worldwide, we are onboarding more than 30 new merchants daily.