Beauceron Security helps organizations execute cybersecurity awareness programs that empower individuals to make better decisions and reduce their cyber risk.


Listen to your people. Beauceron delivers an engaging experience for individuals, managers and senior leaders with personal dashboards. Our platform helps organizations move beyond phishing campaign click rates by providing deeper insights into which employees understand and care about cybersecurity risks.

Saving you time. Beauceron’s turnkey automation simplifies tasks such as syncing user accounts, assigning awareness and education modules and generating reports for leaders, management or industry regulators. This frees up security awareness practitioner time to focus on what matters most: engaging with your community.

Who are our users?

We help IT teams, HR and executives plan and execute security awareness programs, that lead to tangible behaviour change and reduced cyber risk for their organizations.

Beauceron serves more than 350 clients and 500,000 users across North America and in Europe in a variety of sectors from financial services to telecomm and government, and from energy and health care to higher education. We are Canada’s leading security awareness and behaviour change platform and aim to be a leader in North America over the next three years.

“For us, the value of being connected to the Fintech ecosystem in Atlantic Canada lies in being able to leverage our collective successes to meet new customers in new markets. For example, Verafin’s fantastic success in the U.S. was extremely helpful to us when meeting with US customers who were familiar with the Atlantic region and saw huge value in the innovation coming from our region.
When one Atlantic Fintech firm succeeds, we all succeed as the narrative about innovation from our region spreads around the world.”
David Shipley, CEO Beauceron


Beauceron Security

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