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Atlantic FinTech Leads the Mission to

2021 Payments Canada SUMMIT 

7 May, 2021


As a part of its commitment to accelerate the growth of Atlantic Canada’s fintech industry, Atlantic FinTech is participating in The 2021 Payments Canada SUMMIT, Canada’s largest payments conference. Atlantic Fintech will represent the region and its members in front of financial institutions, while also leading a mission of two fintech companies to The SUMMIT, scheduled to take place virtually from May 31 to June 4, 2021. 

The Payments Canada SUMMIT has historically been a meeting point for the fintech ecosystem leaders and stakeholders to exchange ideas on industry’s future state, while opening doors to enable transformations through meaningful connections and partnerships. 

According to Alicia Roisman Ismach, Head of Atlantic FinTech, “Our region’s fintechs have the innovation capabilities, technology, and potential, and what we really need is a platform like The SUMMIT to gain visibility and build connections. This is also the purpose for leading a mission. We want everyone to see what we are talking about when we say a fintech revolution is taking place within Atlantic Canada. The two companies in the mission have incredible products that will speak for themselves.” 

The SUMMIT will be attended by a wide range of professionals and ecosystem leaders from across Canada and the globe, with over 40% of participants representing financial institutions. Exhibits, speaker engagements and sponsorships will cover various niches within the payments space, including consumer payments, payment data analytics, cybersecurity, risk and digital currency, to name a few. Atlantic FinTech’s booth and mission will focus on fintechs in paymentsas we engage with delegates from the banking sector, among others. 

“We are thrilled to see innovation and collaboration in fintech happening across the country and look forward to welcoming key stakeholders like Atlantic FinTech to The SUMMIT again this year,” said Ryan Grundy, Lead, Industry Relations at Payments Canada, “Engagement across the payments ecosystem is not only a highlight of our annual conference, but it is a key element of our journey to modernize the systems, rules and standards that underpin the Canadian economy.” 


Companies participating in the Mission


SnapAP solves the inefficiencies in purchasing and payment processing by offering significant value for its end-users, who are entry-level and midmarket enterprise businesses with $20MM to $500MM in annual volume of supplier payments to their network of vendors.  

As a full-spectrum Purchase-toPayment software platform, it replaces or complements many other market solutions in areas of procurement, AP automationpayments processing plus employee expenses. SnapAP prioritizes seamless efficiency regardless of volume of the purchasing-to-supplier payment process. 

According to Sionne Roberts, Chief Growth Officer, “SnapAP is looking forward to participating in The SUMMIT and connecting with other members of the Canadian B2B payments ecosystem. It will be an excellent opportunity for introducing SnapAP’s innovative solution to end user customers, strategic partners and distribution channels.” 

Weymedia Inc 

Trusted by over 230,000 readers and subscribers every month, WeyMedia is a leading Canadian personal finance company that brings well-researched content and financial tools to the everyday consumer. The founders, Maria and Stephen Weyman, started with HowToSaveMoney, in 2010, to provide well-researched and helpful tips, tools and techniques to help Canadians be selective and smart about spending, saving, and investing.  

Weymedia launched creditcardGenius in 2017, providing Canadians with the only credit card matchmaker that instantly compares 50+ features of over150 Canadian and American credit cards, rating them on a scale of 1 to 5 using their proprietary algorithm.  

“We look forward to attending this year’s SUMMIT and learn about upcoming payment trends, opportunities, and the future of digital banking,” says Maria Weyman, founder and Co-CEO of Weymedia. 

Sionne Roberts and Maria Weyman will represent their companies at Atlantic FinTech’s booth at The SUMMIT. The booth will also represent Atlantic FinTech’s other members (startups and corporations), offering them the unique chance to be showcased in front of Canada’s leading financial minds. 

If you are a fintech company in one of the four Atlantic Canadian provinces and would like us to represent your company at the Atlantic FinTech booth, connect with us.  

The 2021 Payments Canada SUMMIT will take place virtually between May 31 – June 4, and registrations for groups and individuals are open now.  


About Atlantic FinTech 

Atlantic FinTech is a sector initiative aiming to accelerate the Fintech industry’s growth in the four Atlantic Canadian provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland and Labrador. With this purpose in mind, Atlantic Fintech aims to increase access to knowledge, industry networks, opportunities, and capital, for fintech companies and the ecosystem in the region, through partnerships and collaborations with leading fintech experts and organisations globally. Learn more at  


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Fintech Cadence and Atlantic FinTech announce partnership to grow fintech in Atlantic Canada

7 April, 2021


Atlantic FinTech, aiming to accelerate the growth of the fintech industry in Atlantic Canada, and Fintech Cadence, a fintech hub fostering early-stage fintech startups, fintech knowledge and talent, have announced a strategic partnership to grow the fintech industry and ecosystem in Atlantic Canada.  

This partnership will offer the region’s fintech entrepreneurs, organizations and corporations a broad range of services all aimed at helping them right from their early stage to growth and export, through partnerships and collaborations with leading fintech experts and organizations globally.  

Fintech, a very well positioned industry in the region, has demonstrated some very positive indicators over the past year, including an increase in the number of fintech start-ups and investors, significant exits, rise in valuations, and the fast pace of digitalization in other industries. For Alicia Roisman Ismach, Head of Atlantic FinTech and a global fintech expert, “It’s not about building a sector from scratch; it’s about creating global opportunities for fintechs within the region. One of the key advantages of Atlantic Canada is the significant number of technology companies that support backend or financial operations of large corporations. We have both innovation capabilities and the experience and understanding to solve backend challenges as no other region.”

The historical challenge, however, has been with gaining access to the right resources and guidance in the early-stage, and having a supportive and connected community that will help in scaling up, exporting, and growing. The first step towards achieving this is what Fintech Cadence calls Ascension, preparing early-stage fintech companies to get the best out of an accelerator program, and that’s where their unique strength lies. The second part is where Atlantic FinTech will support with mentorship, advisory, resources and networks. 

Layial El-Hadi, Executive Director at Fintech Cadence, says “We are happy to partner with Atlantic FinTech to extend our mission through the eastern part of Canada.  Since 2017, we have been fostering a community of innovators and thought leaders in the fintech sector.  This partnership demonstrates our commitment to a national financial technology community, and we are excited to work alongside Atlantic FinTech to support entrepreneurs in the Atlantic region.” 

The leadership on both sides will actively work towards engaging the private and public sectors within Atlantic Canada, opening doors for connections and conversations beyond borders, and ensuring seamless transition of advisory and mentorship from early stage to growth stage, among others.  

Fintech founders, executives and companies in Atlantic Canada can start a conversation about membership by expressing their interest through the Atlantic FinTech website 


About Fintech Cadence: 

Fintech Cadence is a national non-profit based out of Montreal, QC with the mission of developing Canada’s future fintech leaders. They do this through three key pillars: educating students and professionals interested in the fintech sector, supporting early stage startups through mentorship and coaching, and collaborating with financial institutions to solve innovation challenges. Learn more about their programs and events at  

About Atlantic FinTech: 

Atlantic FinTech aims to accelerate the Fintech industry’s growth in the four Atlantic Canadian provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland and Labrador. With this purpose in mind, Atlantic FinTech aims to increase access to knowledge, industry networks, opportunities, and capital, for Fintech companies and the ecosystem in the region, through partnerships and collaborations with leading Fintech experts and organisations globally. Learn more at  


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For Fintech Cadence: Nicholas Belliveau (