Jonah Chininga

Jonah Chininga

CEO & Co-Founder

Sergio Fernandez

Sergio Fernandez


Build credit and payoff debt.

MICC is a rotational savings and credit building platform that allows groups of people to pool funds together to achieve their financial goals. Through their platform users can invite friends, pool funds together and take turns receiving the lump sum.

New-to-credit and new-to-country (consumers) have thin credit files and they struggle to build their credit ratings so they see this as an opportunity to flesh out their credit files with large monthly payments. Their focus is to provide a different way for our users to increase their scores, rather than simply using credit cards or making loan payments on time.

They recently joined the IFH Lab, and are all set to launch their MICC Mastercard in 2021.

They do this in 2 ways:

  • A mobile wallet that enables people to utilize peer-to-peer transactions to build credit history. Users can create groups, pools funds together and take turns accessing the lump sum with no interest 
  • By aggregating the information on rent payments (MICC Card) and submitting that to the credit bureaus. Users can set preauthorized payments on recurring bills, like rent, and improve their credit score


  • Equifax – credit reporting
  • Berkeley payments – payment provider
  • Visa – payment network
  • Dc bank – Depository institution