If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulder of giants

– Sir Issac Newton

Throughout history, groups have come together to achieve benefits far greater than anything they’d be able to accomplish solo.

Our members get increased access to knowledge, industry networks, opportunities and capital, and meaningful partnerships and collaborations, globally. 

We are your connection to the global fintech community and an advocate for your interestes across various global platforms.

Membership options

Corporate member


  • Bi-monthlyfintech ecosystem calls, with industry leaders and other members (up to 6 a year)
  • Self-managed company showcase page on the Atlantic FinTech site and network
  • Access to member-only resources, networking events and opportunities, including exclusive meetings with industry leaders, experts and investors
  • Access to workshops and webinars with subject matter experts on technology and regulatory affairs

…and more.

Eligibility: Fintech companies in Atlantic Canada.

Annual membership fee: $500

Executive member


  • 1:1 fintech review startegy for your company
  • Closed meetings with peers from global fintech hubs
  • Strategic sessions with global fintech industry leaders
  • Opportunities to collaborate and learn from thought leaders and subject matter experts

…and more!

Membership by invitation only.