Jake Arsenault

Jake Arsenault


Luke Robertson

Luke Robertson

Director of Operations

Digital Twins of Cities for Risk Intelligence & ESG.

We provide the tools to visualize what influences the value of properties.

The Black Arcs provide digital twins of cities, to both government and corporations, to explore the comprehensive impacts of changes on built environment. Predictive analytics lets you see risks and opportunities you didn’t know existed.

Our strikingly unorthodox interface lets investment bankers better understand the underlying dynamics of portfolio risk, and to integrate with internal analysts who focus on AI and big data. The placement of a new corporate HQ or changes to transit options in a neighborhood can reshape local economy, alter the health trajectory of citizens, and change net emissions for the entire community. The impacts range from changing the risk profile of mix-use real estate to the ideal pricing of health insurance.

The Black Arcs also provide a new way to explore the Environmental Social Governance (ESG) implications of several operational decisions within a company, including management of portfolio assets with physical footprints and employees.

Our Citisketch’s interface provides flexible and powerful predictive models by using synthetic population (agents) representative of the investigated community, based on census data and any other available geospatial profile information. Bankers and analysts can visualize the holistic impacts of their projects, down to the impact on individual households running their simulated lives. After refining your organization’s risk framework through interactive visualization, automation can integrate this new risk analysis into decision making workflows.

Our target buyers are national defence departments, state and local governments, real estate developers, and data analysts. We integrate several models, across disciplines, to provide a new form of intelligence.

“You cannot ignore the value in a connected ecosystem. Atlantic FinTech was instrumental in giving us access to leaders and decision makers in banking and fintech. They also helped us recruit a fantastic Board Member. This has all been very important to The Black Arcs.” – Jake Arsenault, CEO