Brian Donovan

Brian Donovan


Outperforming Analyst Consensus Targets By 50%.

Know the value, not just the price, of your client’s holdings every day.

StockCalc is a fully API-based fundamental valuation platform that shows you the intrinsic value of your stocks and ETFs.

StockCalc generates valuation reports on 8000 public companies, 800 ETFs and 150 industries each day covering major North American markets. StockCalc is outperforming Analyst consensus targets by 50% using our proprietary models.

Used by analysts, advisors and fund managers to find fundamentally undervalued stocks and ETFs, StockCalc’s API platform can connect to any third-party system or offer direct access the relevant reports and data points when you need them.

If you manage Stocks and ETFs for your clients, StockCalc is a platform that helps you discuss value with your clients in a way they can understand.

Show your clients you are systematically watching every stock and ETF in their portfolio. Provide that confidence for your clients.