Jean-Daniel Drapeau

Jean-Daniel Drapeau


Sionne Roberts

Sionne Roberts

VP Business Development

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SnapAP creates ROI, by improving overall Accounts Payables processing.


SnapAP is a SaaS platform providing proactive control of the entire Accounts Payable process, from initial requisition through completed payment.

Connecting seamlessly with all financial systems, we actively reduce a company’s Purchase to Pay cycle overall while increasing CFO visibility and significantly cutting operational costs within Accounts Payable departments.

By embedding vendors in their own accounts receivable tool, this also serves as a communication platform between suppliers, buyers, and accounts payable, finance, and payables.

Who are our users?

We provide measurable ROI to mid- to enterprise-level organizations running complex invoice processing models. Organizations that experience the greatest benefit by enabling SnapAP are those with a minimum of 1,000 invoices being processed monthly, or at least 500 or more each of Purchase Orders, Receipts, and Invoices.

We has successfully processed $2 Billion of invoice payment transactions and travel reimbursements for our clients located in Canada, USA, Africa, Middle East and Australia. 

SnapAP offers a mobile app for users of Apple, Android and Windows devices. The SnapAP platform provides an updated and modern design. A multilingual application, SnapAP provides clients with complete customization and scalability.

The future plans for SnapAP are focused around strategic partnership growth and system expansion.

“Atlantic FinTech and Alicia Roisman Ismach have helped us with valuable connections within the industry, that have played a big part in our journey. Growth begins when we understand our strengths, and include networking strategy as a part of our growth strategy.” 

JD Drapeau, CEO, SnapAP