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Easy-To-Use Portfolio Management Tools For Self-Directed Investors.


Capture a new customer segment and grow your asset-based revenue.

Passiv is automation for self-directed brokerage accounts. Users get a new investing experience that lets them focus on their portfolio instead of individual trades.

Passiv is a new experience for investing with a brokerage account. In contrast to traditional brokerage interfaces that are designed around positions and trades,

Passiv is designed around a target portfolio and actions to stay on track with that target. Individuals with little trading experience can quickly set up and manage a balanced portfolio right in their brokerage account, while Passiv’s engagement tools keep them coming back.

There is a growing customer segment that comes to a brokerage in order to do diversified ETF investing. Passiv’s simple interface makes it a breeze to get started and build good investing habits. This results in higher   success, increased engagement, and better retention.

When customers start using Passiv, their behavior changes. They log in more, they deposit more, and they trade more. Despite starting out as pure ETF investors, most Passiv users go on to buy individual stocks to supplement their balanced portfolio.

Passiv is recruiting brokerage partners to help launch our service globally. Help us give your customers the best investing experience and benefit from the rise of ETFs.

“It’s great to be part of a network that’s working hard to highlight and progress the interests of FinTechs in the region.” – Brendan Lee Young, CEO