Duncan McIntosh


Khalid Shami


Building stronger communities, faster.

NuWelCom is a unique technology tool made-in Atlantic Canada. It is a multi-function platform that can actively connect residents with their communities. The app delivers official, reliable information to smartphones, free of charge, and is available in twelve languages.

Unique feature: A free, secure messaging system that allows users to send a message in any language they prefer, while the recipient can receive/view it in any language they prefer. NuWelCom also offers service listings and tools for community collaboration, like the PEI School Food Project.

Who is using it: Anyone who wants to engage with their community as a volunteer, neighbor, citizen, client or customer.

Milestones and future plans: The platform has 84,000 weekly visits from Prince Edwar Island, and they plan to add more cities and regions across Atlantic Canada in early 2022. They are also introducing their digital discount coupons, nuPONDS, on their app starting December 2021.