Edge Microsegmentation for Zero Trust Security

Matias Katz

Founder & CEO

Ryan Bunker

Director of Business Development

Protect any connected device in your network with
Edge Microsegmentation

Byos is an edge micro-segmentation solution that provides security and access to TCP/IP endpoints on any network. It is implemented as a small hardware device that isolates the endpoint from the network, providing lower-layer security. It solves the problem of unifying security across a fleet of devices that range in location, age, model, OS, etc., so modern network security is applied at the edge.

CISOs or Directors of Information Security who are looking to increase security and control over networking assets, in FSBI, Healthcare, Energy, Manufacturing and Retail.

They launched in November 2020. They have some paying customers, two design partners, a few ongoing Proof of Concepts, and distribution systems established in the US and Dubai. They plan on raising our Series A round in the next 12 months.

 1505 Barrington Street, Unit 100,

Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3K5, CA