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Two Hundred Years Of Financial Experience

Atlantic Canada has a rich history in the finance industry beginning with the establishment of two of Canada’s largest banks in the early 1800’s – The Bank of Nova Scotia and The Royal Bank of Canada. Two hundred years later, the financial technologies sector continues to thrive as the result of key communication infrastructure assets and extensive expertise in Cyber Security, Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning, Robotics Process Automation, and Data Analytics. 

Atlantic Canada is home to over 500 businesses operating in the finance sector. The workforce is over 35000 strong and has a deep knowledge of back-office processes and operations.

Our cost-competitive environment and quality of life has proven attractive for many industry leaders who have recognized the strengths of Atlantic Canada. 

The Bank of Nova Scotia opened for business on 29 August 1832, its first location.

Powered by Venn Innovation, Atlantic Fintech represents the strength of Atlantic Canada’s financial and smart enterprise technology companies.  The region has experienced success in these sectors first with companies such as Q1 Labs (acquired by IBM) and more recently with the acquisition of Verafin, the world’s largest financial crime management software company, by Nasdaq in November 2020 for USD 2.75 Billion.  The region currently has over 100 startups working to address big challenges within the global fintech industry.  

Atlantic Canada has attracted many top-tier international financial services and insurance firms to the region.  These companies have found an environment that understands the middle and back office needs of their businesses that helps to fuel their success.

The region’s world-class technology infrastructure, its highly educated workforce and low cost North American operating environments, position this region for growth.  

Atlantic Canada at a glimpse:


Recognized by KPMG as being among the most cost-competitive regions in the US and Canada for doing business 

Centrally located

Centrally located between Europe and the west coast of the United States


Connected to Hibernia Atlantic’s Global Financial Network providing increased bandwidth and security


A base for top Hedge Fund Administrators, top Canadian financial institutions, and top insurance companies

Trained workforce

13 Universities, 11 colleges and several career-colleges providing a highly trained workforce, many of whom are bilingual

Quality of Life

Atlantic Canada offers an affordable, safe and laid-back lifestyle.